Our Favorite Recipes

When the Alaskan fishing season is underway you can bet anglers from all over the globe will arrive as well for bountiful adventures. With the Kenai Peninsula boasting some of the most productive sport fisheries in the world there’s a pretty good chance your freezer is going to be full of Alaskan wild-caught salmon, halibut, shrimp, and clams.

A little olive oil, herbs, and lemon on your salmon and grilled to perfection might good enough for some but with this much protein, it might be good to experiment and perfect a few additional recipes. We’ve put together a list of of some our favorite resort recipes that we’ll often make for you in addition to some of our favorites you might like to try on your own. 

So check out some of our team’s favorite recipes and have some fun preparing all those big fillets you’ve got vac sealed from your trip to Alaska. And when the inventory starts to get a little low, think about coming back up and spending another week with us

Wasabi Halibut

Blackend Salmon Tacos

Halibut Fish and Chips

Ensenada Clams