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Kenai River Fishcounts, Russian River Fishcounts, Kasilof River Fishcounts

Kenai River fish counts, Kasilof River fish counts, Russian River fish counts
Kenai River fish counts, Kasilof River fish counts, Russian River fish counts

The Alaska Fishtopia fishing app is one of the best mobile companions you could want for Alaska fishing. When it comes to successfully planning a fishing trip in Alaska an angler needs every piece of information he can get. When fishing in Alaska our salmon fishing trips always begin with an understanding of the tide and an understanding of the historical fish counts. Those fish counts tell us when we can expect each different species of salmon to come up each of Alaska’s different rivers. This includes Kenai River fish counts, Russian River fish counts, Kasilof River fish counts, and many many more.

Alaska Fishtopia Tides & Currents

Those tides become even more important when we start to discuss clamming digging since that adventure can only be done at extreme negative tides. In some places, like the Kenai River dock in Kenai, Alaska, larger boats can’t even navigate the river channel at extremely low tides. Alaska Fishtopia has tide and tide charts for several years into the future.

Furthermore, when it comes to halibut fishing we definitely need to understand when the slack current will happen wherever we choose to fish that day. If we don’t know when that slack current will be our halibut fishing is guaranteed to be less productive. Also, when on the large salt-water knowing the marine forecast for the zone we’re fishing is critical for a safe comfortable day of boating.

These features and more are just a sample of all the features found in the Alaska Fishtopia Mobile App.

It contains literally everything you want to know all in one place including:

  • In season daily Alaska fish counts and historical daily Alaska fish counts
  • In season cumulative and historical cumulative escapements and how they compare against Alaska Department of Fish and Game escapement targets
  • More than 100 rivers and streams tracked and monitored
  • Fishing Regulations and emergency orders
  • Tides
  • Currents
  • Live Real-time weather buoys
  • Marine weather forecast
  • Local weather forecast
This app is available on both the App Store and the Play Store.
Alaska FishTopia - Alaska's #1 Outdoor and Fishing Mobile App including Alaska Fishcounts
Alaska FishTopia - Alaska's #1 Outdoor and Fishing Mobile App