Kenai Riverside Resort, Alaska Fishtopia, And Kenai Riverside Resort Guide Kevin Chavira, Help Two Anglers Catch The Alaska State Fish As They Attempt To Catch the State Fish Of All 50 States.

In 2021 Kenai Riverside Resort helped two anglers accomplish something no one has ever done before – catch the state fish in all 50 states.

Kenai Riverside Resort Guide Kevin Chavira helps Luke Konson and Daniel Balserak catch-and-release two beautiful Kenai River king salmon just hours before the fishery was closed by Alaska Department Of Fish And Game

Kenai Riverside Resort Shows Patrick Enslow From Alaska's News Source Just How Great Fall Fishing For Silvers Is On The Mighty Kenai River

Silver Salmon fishing on the Kenai River is really something special. Crisp, clear morning air, mist rising off the river as the sun crests the horizon, and the excitement builds as we slide across the water to chase down dime bright silver salmon entering the river.

The hustle and bustle of the summer crowds are gone. It’s a quieter time on the river and a magnificent fishery as these fish consistently enter the river in strong numbers every year and are significantly larger than the July run of  sockeye.  

Enjoy the news report as Kenai Riverside Resort Guide Kevin Chavira shows how to catch limts of Kenai River Silver Salmon


Wrapping Up The 2022 Season Alaska's News Source Recaps The Summer's Highlights Including How Kenai Riverside Helped Two Anglers Catch Two Mighty Kenai River King Salmon On Their Quest To Catch The State Fish Of All Fifty States

Every summer Alaska’s News Source Sports Department travels the state in search of some of the best fishing hotspots around.

Kenai Riverside Resort was proud to take them on our fall Kenai River Silver Salmon guided fishing trips. We also have them a front row seat as we helped Luke Konson and Daniel Balserak catch two mighty Kenai River king salmon on their quest to catch the state fish of all fifty states


Alaska FishTopia - Alaska's #1 Fishing And Outdoor Adventure App

At Kenai Riverside Alaska FishTopia as our one of our primary tools for understanding the in-season fishery.  It gives us really good comparison to previous years runs, allows us to look back 4 years for sockeye (sockeye are 4 year fish) and 5-6 years for king salmon (kings are 5 to 6 year fish).

In addition we get marine forecasts, live ocean weather information, tides & currents, river flows, river temperatures and more.