Alaska Fishing And Adventure Vacation Planning

Planning a trip to Alaska? There are so many great options and adventures to consider. That makes Alaska trip planning a challenging task. It takes a great deal of research. And, even with careful planning there are lots of pitfalls along the way. 

If you’ve chosen the Kenai Peninsula as your general destination you’ve already made a great choice! The Peninsula is called Alaska’s Playground for a reason and it’s well earned. The Kenai Peninsula boasts many world-famous rivers. These include the Kenai & Kasilof Rivers, Russian River, Anchor River, and Deep Creek River. Additionally, the area includes the Kenai National Fjords Park and Chugach National Forest. Furthermore, it’s surrounded by some of the most productive saltwater fishing anywhere. Our years of experience in this area can help you arrange the best fishing and adventure vacation possible. Choosing the Kenai Peninsula as your destination will make your Alaska trip planning that much easier.

Alaska Trip Planning – When Is The Best Time To Visit Alaska

Alaska Sockeye Fishing - Kasilof River Sockeye, Russian River Sockeye, and Kenai River Sockeye run timing
Run timing of the Kasilof River sockeye salmon, Russian River early and late-run sockeye salmon timing, and Kenai River late-run sockeye salmon run timing

One of the most important considerations is, “When is the best time to visit Alaska?” Clearly, the summer months are the best. Anytime from the middle of May through October, there is always something to catch. Our salmon runs are absolutely legendary and many anglers would obviously like to target these species. With 2 summer King Salmon runs, 2 summer runs Sockeye Salmon runs, a fall Silver Salmon run, and Pink Salmon every even-numbered year there are plenty of options throughout the summer. Understanding the main goals and species you’d like to catch is the most important thing in planning your trip. Understanding the salmon run timing is critical. 

If you are simply interested in a day of Alaska fishing we can certainly help. We would love to host you at the Kenai Riverside resort! We are also very happy to work with you on individual river trips, fly-in fishing, and more if have already secured other lodging. 

Soldotna is the main center of services on the Kenai Peninsula. It’s has numerous restaurants, hotels, parks, shopping and more. Furthermore, it also has good emergency services and a nearby hospital. The convenient access to services and the proximity to the everything on the Kenai Peninsula make Soldotna the perfect base camp.

The Kenai Riverside resort is just a few minute’s drive from the center of Soldotna. Also, our location on the river provides easy access to both the middle and lower Kenai River. All of this right from the banks of our resort. Call us, check out our rate-and-reservations page, and let us help you with your Alaska trip planning. And we’ve prepared a list of frequently asked questions about Alaska trip planning as well.