Fall Trophy Trout & Salmon Fishing Package

Available August 10 - October 31
1 to 7 Days

Our Salmon & Trophy Trout Packages are our fall speciality. This is one of our favorite times of the year with pockets of golden cottonwoods and bright yellow birches are starting to show on the hillsides and riverbanks. The fireweed has lost its magenta flowers, but the leaves have turned all sorts of reds.The crowds of July and early August have dwindled we focus or attention on silver salmon, football sized rainbow-trout, and barn-door halibut.There may not be another river in the world that produces a large, girthy, native trout population like the Kenai River. 

Our recommended trips combine a focus on trophy trout and silver salmon on both Kenai River and Kasilof Rivers. We also recommend that we add a multi-species halibut trip to these itineraries as well. Like all of our fishing packages, these trips are just our suggestions but we are happy to make substitutions and add or subtract days from the itinerary as necessary. 


  • Upper Kenai River Kenai River Trophy Trout
  • Kasilof River Trophy Trout & Steelhead
  • Kenai River silver salmon
  • Kasilof River silver salmon
  • Halibut, rockfish, and lingcod
Alaska Trout Fishing - Kenai Riverside Resort guide holding a pretty Kenai River rainbow trout
Alaska Trout Fishing - Kenai Riverside Resort guide Tyler Ashby holding a pretty Kenai River rainbow trout

Upper Kenai River Trophy Trout

With 82 miles of river to fish we can spend multiple days on the Kenai River and never see the same section twice. The Upper Kenai River is known of it’s legendary fall trout fishery and there’s a reason we call them footballs. After millions of sockeye salmon, silver salmon, sockeye salmon, and on even numbered years, pink salmon have spawned in the 82 miles of river there is no shortage of food for these year-round resident fish.


Kasilof River Trout & Steelhead

The Kasilof River is one of the most underrated rivers and fisheries in Alaska. It’s located just 12 miles south of the Kenai River and this river would be a lot more famous if it weren’t sitting so close to the mighty Kenai River.  While the fish aren’t quite as large as the Kenai River genetics it has an amazing king salmon, sockeye salmon, and silver salmon run.  What’s also really great about this river is that it’s fish start arrive a couple weeks or so before they do on the Kenai.  While the techniques and salmon runs of the Kasilof River are very similar to the Kenai River salmon the day on the water could not be more different.

Tustamena Lake & Kasilof River
Tustamena Lake & Kasilof River
Kenai Riverside Customers with Silver Salmon

Kenai River Silver Salmon

Trading out our salmon beads and flesh flies we’ll switch over to trolling plugs wrapped in herring and eggs behind spin-n-glows as we target The Kenai River Silver Salmon. Silver salmon are very aggressive and will readily strike at these  lures. Fishing is generally better in the early mornings and it’s amazing to be fishing for these chrome fish on the lower river as the sun begins to rise and light up the river. Peaceful and magical is one of the best ways to describe it.

Homer Multi-species Halibut Fishing

These multi-species halibut trips are one of the most amazing fishing trips anywhere in the world. That’s a pretty bold claim right?  But where else can you target massive halibut, massive lingcod, beautiful yellow-eye rockfish (Alaska has 30 different species of rockfish alone!), and king salmon all in one day of fishing?  Enough said right?  The number of different species we can target is dependent upon the dates so we’ll let you know what trips are available at the time of booking. All 4 species (Halibut, Lingcod, rockfish, and salmon) starts July 1st. However, you don’t have to do all 4 species as we also offer 2 species and 3 species trips if you would prefer.

Ultimate Fishing Package