The Alaska Ultimate Fishing Adventure Package

The Ultimate fishing trip is about fishing, fishing, and more fishing.  The great news is, you’ll never get bored with it as you’ll barely see the same areas of water more than once. These trips are known to fill the freezer. These trips range from 3-7 days and we would be happy to customize it for you. Our recommendations are in the order below based on the number of days you have available.   

  • Day 1:  Kenai River Salmon Fishing
  • Day 2:  Homer Multi-Species Halibut Fishing
  • Day 3:  Kasilof River Salmon Fishing 
  • Day 4:  Remote Fly In Fishing & Bear Viewing
  • Day 5: Ninilchik, Seward or Homer Halibut Fishing
  • Day 6:  Kenai River Salmon or Trophy Trout Fishing

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Kenai River Salmon Fishing

Kenai River Salmon Fishing

We often like to begin our adventure packages with a Kenai River Salmon trip.  From May 15 – Oct 15, depending upon the time of year we can target king salmon, sockeye salmon, silver salmon and pink salmon. We provide all the equipment you need including waders/boots, rods/reels and any bait we might be using on the trip. You only need to bring your fishing license, warm clothes, and any snacks and drinks you might like to have with you.  You’ll definitely be amazed at the power and speed of the mighty Kenai River and even more so of the salmon fighting up to 82 miles of it to make it to their spawning grounds.  


One of the reasons we prefer to do this trip on the front of our adventure is that the techniques that we teach you on the Kenai River to target these salmon can be applied throughout all the river systems the salmon are migrating. After a day of fishing with us for salmon on the Kenai River you’ll have all the knowledge necessary to try out some of our other local rivers and streams while on your day trips. The Kasilof River, Anchor River, Ninilchik River, and the world famous Russian River all have similar runs of salmon that can be targeted with your new found skills. [/bg_collaps

Homer Multi-species Halibut Fishing

These multi-species halibut trips are one of the most amazing fishing trips anywhere in the world. That’s a pretty bold claim right?  But where else can you target massive halibut, massive lingcod, beautiful yellow-eye rockfish (Alaska has 30 different species of rockfish alone!), and king salmon all in one day of fishing?  Enough said right?  The number of different species we can target is dependent upon the dates so we’ll let you know what trips are available at the time of booking. All 4 species (Halibut, Lingcod, rockfish, and salmon) starts July 1st. However, you don’t have to do all 4 species as we also offer 2 species and 3 species trips if you would prefer.

Ultimate Fishing Package
Tustamena Lake & Kasilof River

Kasilof River Salmon Fishing

The Kasilof River is one of the most underrated rivers and fisheries in Alaska. It’s located just 12 miles south of the Kenai River and this river would be a lot more famous if it weren’t sitting so close to the mighty Kenai River.  While the fish aren’t quite as large as the Kenai River genetics it has an amazing king salmon, sockeye salmon, and silver salmon run.  What’s also really great about this river is that it’s fish start arrive a couple weeks or so before they do on the Kenai.  While the techniques and salmon runs of the Kasilof River are very similar to the Kenai River salmon the day on the water could not be more different. 

Bear Viewing & Fly In Fishing

Without a doubt this is one of our guests favorite trips of all time. Trip duration will be around 6 hours in length with departure times at various times throughout the day. Generally we can do morning, mid morning, noon, and early afternoon. Many of our days begin with early fishing so this trip is a chance to get a few more hours sleep before the short 15 minute drive to the float plane base. Being able to see the geography of the Kenai Peninsula, Lake Clark National Park, and views that extend hundreds of miles in each direction is breath taking. Departing Soldotna we’ll head across Cook Inlet  and head straight at the active volcano Mt. Redoubt with Mt. Iliamna just to the south.

Beautiful Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is one of the nations newest national parks and about a 35-40 minute from from the float plane base.  

Bear Viewing & Fly in Fishing
Ninilchik Halibut Fishing Beach Launch

Ninilchik & Anchor Point Halibut Fishing

Lesser known than Homer, Ninilchik is nearby to some of the best halibut and salmon fishing around. Ninilchik is 50 miles south of Soldotna towards Homer and 37 miles before Homer. Ninilchik is incredibly close to very productive halibut fishing grounds. 

Ninilchik and Anchor Point do not have a traditional harbor and marina. The methodology for launching boats there is called a tractor launch and is well known and reasonably famous.  The boat and trailer are attached to a large beach tractor with huge tires capable of running on the soft sand.  The tractor operator backs the boat into the ocean and literally “dumps you into the ocean!”  

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