Captain Hunter Nash - Kenai River & Kasilof River Fishing Guide

Hi! I’m Captain Hunter Nash and I’m so proud to be a part of this team. I was introduced to the Kenai Riverside team more than 7 years ago when I was enrolled in the Kenai River Guide Academy and we’ve had some amazing adventures and made some equally amazing memories over the years. Anyone that knows me understands that I spend my life enjoying all the unique adventures that come as each season transitions to the next.  My photo gallery you can find below is a pretty good testament to all those adventures. When friends and colleagues try and call me, and my cellular phone goes straight to voicemail for a couple of days, my photo gallery likely does a pretty good job of explaining why! 

I’ve been Hunting and Fishing for over 20 years avidly. I was born and raised in Central Virginia and spent a lot of time with my Grandfather growing up, who is an avid outdoorsman as well. My good friend from childhood, Tyler Ashby, started spending our summers in Alaska on our summer break from college. We have lived and adventured in several different regions of Alaska including Denali, Juneau, Homer, Soldotna, and even Cold Bay!  Fast forward to 2022, this will be my 9th season in the land of the midnight sun!

Every season in Alaska brings another opportunity to test the skills I’ve learned and discover new ones. Everyone has something to teach you and every season brings new experiences, new skills, and great memories. 

For many, a trip to Alaska to fish the world-famous Kenai River is the vacation of a life-time. There are few things more rewarding than helping people learn how to target these fish and then the smile that no one can hold back when that first fish strikes and someone yells out “FISH ON!” What’s really rewarding is when, like me, those folks love what we do so much they come back year over year to build memories together.

My specialties are salmon and trout but I’ve also worked professionally on long-range trophy halibut expeditions on the salt-water. While bottom fishing for hundred pound halibut is incredibly exciting I prefer the joy and beauty of the river systems and the technical aspects required of targeting salmon and trout in freshwater tributaries. The Kenai River and Kasilof Rivers create the perfect playground for what I Iove to do.  

Alaska’s incredible fisheries, majestic landscape, and endless adventure opportunities have changed my life, to say the least, and I look forward to every summer in Alaska. When the fall leaves begin to change color, the days get shorter, and the Silver Salmon that have been flooding the rivers begin to diminish we focus our attention on football-sized rainbow trout and begin thinking about the adventures that await in the lower 48.  While 1/2 of me is dedicated to Alaska summer fishing, the other half lives for hunting. 

I’m passionate about whitetail deer hunting in the fall and winter and absolutely love spring turkey (gobbler) season in the spring. Most years, I average 70+ days in the field for deer and turkey. Along with that, I’m always able to add a handful of days of waterfowling and pheasant hunting. But just as the seasons change, spring rolls back around again, and come May there’s no place I’d rather be than Alaska waiting for the first Kings to show up around the Kenai Peninsula. 


Hunter Nash Photo Gallery